Is my website down?

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Website Down Frequently Asked Questions

Is your website down or available worldwide? Find out now

Check website status in just seconds, is my website up or down, how do you know? Start using our website checker and website monitoring tool that will help you to detect any downtime on your website or server.

Is my website online, how can I be sure?

The best way to know if your website is online is to load the page from the web browser, however, that will only confirm if you are able to reach the website from your own local network. If you need to know the results from a World Wide point of view, we encourage you to use our intelligent HTTP test that will come out with the real results.

isitdownrightnow alternative

We are one of the most complete and effective isitdownrightnow alternatives, letting you check website status within seconds from not a single point, but from 10 different locations around the world.

Unlike other monitoring tools or "is it down or just me" tools, our solutions include full information about HTTP response from 10 different locations on the 4 continents, including full HTTP response code status, as well as timeout notifications.

Down server check on an instant, is it possible?

Yes, our full global HTTP checks were made by our brilliant engineering team to ensure your page will be tested against all major worldwide traffic points. If your server is down, or your page is not working, we will notify you in just seconds. And if you have a premium account, you will also be able to know about this downtime over email and SMS notifications. is a tool built by developers and sysadmins that allows you to check the full status of your favorite web pages and checks if the sites are down or not. No rocket science needed, just enter the URL and hit "Start test" button, then wait for the results in just seconds.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

Our tool will let you analyze the global HTTP response test, immediately know if it's down or if it's only you due to local resolve problem or pc caching issues.